The Velvet Shoppe

The Velvet Shoppe

A velvet for every project.

Woven & Knitted Velvets


Villa is an RM COCO customer favorite. This supple knitted velvet has a beautifully soft hand yet is durable enough for upholstery usage. Offered in sixty-seven of today’s most fashionable colors.



RM COCO is pleased to introduce a true “W” weave velvet named Soirée. This product has the flowing drapability of silk velvet. It is perfect for residential and contract/hospitality usage. This beautiful velvet is available in fifty-three stunning colorways.

Palais Royale

RM COCO is pleased to introduce Palais Royale a 100% Mohair velvet. Considered one of the most luxurious velvets for residential and commercial projects, this face-to-face woven velvet is available in thirty-four handsome color choices.

Pied á Terre

RM COCO is pleased to introduce Pied á Terre. This 100% rayon velvet offers a rich luster and luxurious sheen that is reminiscent of silk velvet. It is a highly durable product and is offered in forty-eight color choices.

Savoir Faire

RM COCO is pleased to introduce Savoir Fair. This 100% polyester “W” weave performance velvet emulates the look of cotton velvet. It is a multi-purpose fabric that is perfect for drapery, bedding, and upholstery. Savoir Faire is shown in thirty-nine beautiful colors.


RM COCO is pleased to re-introduce Deluxe, a customer favorite for years. This 100% cotton velvet is beautiful, but extremely durable. Deluxe is shown in forty-eight on-trend colorways.

Worried about stains?

We can treat any of our velvets with GreenShield® Fabric Finish upon request. This environmentally friendly, water-based treatment dramatically improves the stain and water resistance of a fabric, allowing spills to simply bead up and roll off.  Click here to learn more about GreenShield.

Faux Velvets & Lookalikes

Maison Royale

Maison Royale is a rich, plush chenille solid that will add warmth and texture to any room setting. Ever so soft to the hand, this multi-purpose fabric is durable enough to stand up to high traffic areas, Maison Royale is available in twenty-four enticing color choices.


Deauville is a plush chenille solid that offers has the appearance of a luxurious velvety texture. Elegant, but durable, this pattern is available in twenty-five on-trend colorways, Deauville has become a classic in the RM COCO.


Westover is a true multi-purpose plain that is durable, while maintaining a soft supple hand. This solid textured chenille has been colored for today’s home by our design studio and is available in forty-eight colorways. RM COCO, fabrics, and furnishings for living, style for life.


Esquire is a low-pile velvety rich chenille solid. It is soft, yet durable, it is the perfect solution for so many design solutions from drapery to upholstery. Esquire is offered in forty sumptuous colorways from which to choose.

Velvet 101

The term “velvety” means soft, and it takes its meaning from its namesake fabric: velvet. The soft, smooth fabric epitomizes luxury, with its smooth nap and shiny appearance. Velvet has been a fixture of fashion design and home decor for years, and its high-end feel and appearance make it an ideal textile for elevated design. Velvet can be made from anything, from natural fibers like silk, wool, and cotton, synthetic fibers like rayon or polyester, or a combination of both.


There are several schools of thought as to where and when velvet originated, but it’s generally agreed that it was somewhere in the Far East—likely China—around the 13th century, if not earlier. Velvet then made its way west along the Silk Road, becoming immensely popular during the Italian Renaissance. The word “velvet” comes from the Italian word velluto, meaning “shaggy.” Before the advent of modern industrial looms, velvet was quite costly to produce, and therefore available only to wealthy and royal families. Nobles in particular were drawn to its ability to accept richly hued dyes.


True “w” or “v” weave velvet is made on a special loom known as a double cloth, which produces two pieces of velvet simultaneously, one on top of the other, and joined using a second warp thread. The pile is then cut to separate the two layers, and the threads that protrude vertically from the fabric create the texture that is typical of velvet.


The orientation of the pile threads changes the way the fabric reflects light, which is why the color of velvet can be perceived as lighter or darker just depending on the angle it is being seen. It is thus particularly important to respect the nap by cutting all the pieces of a pattern in the same direction. Velvets cut with the nap going upwards reflect less light, which results in a deeper and more matte color, while velvets cut with the nap going downwards look shinier and marks on the fabric will be less obvious.


Velvet is available at all price points, from the most expensive (woven from ultra-fine silk fibers) to the most affordable (cotton, rayon, polyester, or acetate). Velvet is available in many weights, from chiffon to the heaviest upholstery fabrics. 

Velvet Q & A

Characterized mainly for its luxurious shine, velvet is a considerably expensive fabric with a thick and high pile. It can be made from many yarns including polyester, viscose, rayon, linen, and silk. While it does not have the quality for stretch-ability, it is great when it comes to drapability.   Velvet is a fabric woven using a special loom. This loom is able to weave two velvet pieces face-to-face.  A razor cuts and separates the two pieces leaving the pile on each side intact.

Woven and Knitted Velvet: Villa, Soirée, Savoir Faire, Marquee FR Velvet, and Ritz.


Faux-Velvet and Velvet Looks:  Maison Royale, Deauville, Westover, and Esquire.

Woven and Knitted Velvet: Villa, Soirée, Palais Royale Mohair Velvet, Pied á Terre, Savoir Faire Performance Velvet, Deluxe Cotton Velvet, Marquee FR Velvet, Ritz.


Faux-Velvet and Velvet Looks:  Maison Royale, Deauville, Westover, and Esquire.

Woven and Knitted Velvet:  Savoir Faire


Faux-Velvet and Velvet Looks:  Deauville

Woven and Knitted Velvet:  Villa


Faux-Velvet and Velvet Looks:  Westover

Woven and Knitted Velvet:  Soirée, Marquee FR Velvet

Woven and Knitted Velvet:  Soirée, Palais Royale Mohair Velvet, Pied á Terre, Savoir Faire Performance Velvet, Deluxe Cotton Velvet and Ritz


Faux-Velvet and Velvet Looks:  Deauville