Marquee & Ritz



Marquee FR Velvet is a sophisticated low pile knitted velvet that can be used in practically every residential or commercial room setting. Perfect for draperies, bedding, upholstery, and accessory applications, Marquee FR Velvet passes NFPA 701, exceeds 105,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs, and is available in thirty-eight fashionable color options.


Ritz Crushed Velvet is sure to be a showstopper in any room setting application in which it is used. This beautiful velvet is created by twisting velvet fabric and then applying heavy pressure to permanently set the surface pile in different directions creating this most unique textile. Ritz Crushed Velvet is a multipurpose fabric suitable for drapery, bedding, upholstery, pillow and accessory applications and is available in fourteen classic color combinations.

Brigadoon & Royalton



RM COCO is pleased to introduce Brigadoon. This handsome blend of linen, rayon and polyester is subdued and sophisticated. A true multi-purpose fabric that will be a go-to favorite for drapery, bedding, accessories and upholstery. Brigadoon passes 50,000 Martindale cycles, is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 compliant and is available in forty-nine timeless colorways. 


Royalton is a woven sateen with a beautiful subtle strié. It can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Royalton can be machine washed and tumble-dried at low heat. It can also be lightly pressed as needed at low temperature. Royalton is available in thirty-six colorways and passes NFPA 701.

ColorWorks Spring Collection Vol. 5


Thirteen new ColorWorks™ prints have been added to our Spring 2022 collection! 

ColorWorks™ allows you to simply choose a pattern, colorway and base fabric and we print your custom fabric for you. 

Top Banana

RM COCO’s Top Banana pattern invites you to sit back, relax, and be soothed by the gentle tropic breeze and the sounds of the surf. Over-scaled water-colored banana leaves are beautifully detailed and create a three-dimensional illusion. Printed on a luxurious linen/viscose ground fabric we are pleased to offer this pattern in five island-inspired color combinations.

Tiki Cabana

Inspired by thatched beach umbrellas, RM COCO is pleased to introduce Tiki Cabana. The perfect pattern to coordinate with Top Banana, or other tropical prints in our line! Printed on a luxurious linen/viscose ground fabric, we offer Tiki Cabana in six aloha worthy colorways!

Oakwood Hall

RM COCO’s Oakwood Hall has been inspired by the Victorian mansion by the same name. Ironically, the home was built in 1864 for Thomas Garnett, a prosperous textile merchant. William Morris was employed to design much of the interior spaces in the home. RM COCO’s design captures quintessential William Morris stylized botanical motifs at their finest. Printed on a lush linen/viscose ground fabric, and offered in five period-toned colorways.

Oakwood Hall Stripe

This bold awning stripe pattern is the perfect foil to flowing Oakwood Hall from RM COCO. Color-blocked vertical stripes offer a dramatic contrast that is sure to draw attention wherever it is used. Printed in coordinating colors to Oakwood Hall on a luxurious linen/viscose ground.


Flowing foliage patterns are design classics that are loved by all! Reversal patterns are trending in home furnishings. RM COCO’s Design Studio has combined both in two charming patterns we have named Leafy and Leafy Reversal. These simple two-colored patterns fit well into both traditional and transitional settings. They have a cool, crisp, clean look to them. Printed on 100% cotton and available in seven color combinations.

Leafy Reversal

Harlequin Diamond

The French have a phrase for patterns that literally “fool the eye”. The term is trompe l’oeil, and RM COCO’s Harlequin Diamond fits this style perfectly!  This pattern features three-dimensional diamonds and shadow patterns to create this captivating design. Based on traditional cove molding, our Design Studio has updated this look to work in both traditional and transitional room settings. Shown in five on-trend color combinations and printed on 100% cotton base fabric.

Provence Stripe

French Laundry designs and styling have become a huge trend. This relaxed style often incorporates the use of linen and cotton base fabrics. Color palettes are simple employing only one to three colors. Color families can range from subdued and light to dark and bright. RM COCO is pleased to offer a series of plaids, checks, and stripes in this charming genre of design motifs. Our Design Studio has suggested several classic colors for these designs, but each can be custom-colored to suit any room setting need. Provence Stripe is a faux-woven vertical statement stripe. Printed on a cotton base fabric and offered in four colorways.

Provence Check

Provence Check is a classic windowpane check. Printed on a cotton base fabric and offered in three colorways.

French Ticking

French Ticking is an update of a classic ticking stripe. Printed on a cotton base fabric and offered in three colorways.

French Leaf

French Laundry designs often incorporate the use of linen and cotton base fabrics. Color palettes are simple employing only one to three colors. Color families can range from subdued and light to dark and bright. French Leaf offers a stylized foliage design that is printed on a linen/viscose base fabric in a natural color for a vintage look. Offered in five traditional colorways for this style.

French Plaid

RM COCO offers French Plaid as the perfect coordinate to pattern French Leaf, but look for this classic plaid motif to be a popular pattern for custom-coloring as well. A French Laundry style that is simple and tailored, we think this will quickly become a designer favorite in the RM COCO product line.

Cozy Plaid

Cozy Plaid is a linear plaid motif that is self-shaded. It is printed on a muslin-colored base fabric to add a heathered vintage look to its three classic color combinations.

Sheer Perfection & Window Dressing II


Sheer Perfection

RM COCO is pleased to introduce the Sheer Perfection collection of traditional and transitional sheers. This collection offers an array of patterns to complement any room setting. All are subtle enough to act as under-draperies yet decorative enough to stand on their own. We think our customers will agree that this collection is Sheer Perfection.


2 Colorways


3 Colorways

Ottoman Palace

2 Colorways

Square Illusion

3 Colorways


4 Colorways

Blurred Lines

4 Colorways

Illusion Stripe

3 Colorways

Petal Pop

3 Colorways


3 Colorways

Cierra Fret

3 Colorways

Jagged Ikat

3 Colorways


3 Colorways

Tudor Lattice

2 Colorways

Floral Maze 

3 Colorways

Oslo Lattice

5 Colorways


4 Colorways

Wavy Stripe

2 Colorways

Window Dressing II

Window Dressing II is a handsome collection of wide-width drapery products perfect for residential and commercial design solutions. The collection contains traditional, transitional and contemporary patterns so that there is something perfect for every residential room setting or commercial environment, and all pass NFPA 701.

Astoria Stripe

3 Colorways

Deconstructed Stripe

4 Colorways


3 Colorways

Pintuck Stripe

3 Colorways

Strand Stripe

1 Colorway


2 Colorways

Diamond Trellis

1 Colorway


2 Colorways


2 Colorways

Striated Stripe

3 Colorways

Christoval Check

3 Colorways

Freehand Stripe

2 Colorways

Nolita Stripe

1 Colorway

Savoy Velvet

4 Colorways

Timeless Ogee

2 Colorways

Dashing Check 

2 Colorways

Intermittent Stripe

3 Colorways

Per Se

5 Colorways


3 Colorways

Waverunner Stripe

3 Colorways

Creative Threads II III & IV


Creative Threads II III & IV

RM COCO is pleased to introduce three new collections of decorative passamenterie borders and tapes. The Creative Threads assortment includes traditional, transitional, and contemporary designs and features embroidered and pleated patterns. The detail and depth of these trimmings will add a touch of panache wherever they are used, from the leading edge of a drapery panel to decorative accents on pillows. Get creative with RM COCO’s Creative Threads collections!

Creative Threads II


11 Colorways


6 Colorways


5 Colorways


5 Colorways

Creative Threads III


6 Colorways


8 Colorways


6 Colorways


3 Colorways


3 Colorways

Creative Threads IV


2 Colorways


5 Colorways


13 Colorways


2 Colorways


4 Colorways

ColorWorks Hanging Library


Available for a limited time! 

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Don’t miss this great opportunity to build your library! Receive our entire ColorWorks™ collection printed on hanging flats. These samples show each design in all of our standard colorways we have created. With our new recolor tool you will have unlimited possibilities to customize any of our designs to the exact colors you want!

66 hangers & 631 options not including the unlimited colorways you can create with our custom recolor tool!

ColorWorks™ Designs Included in the Library

New Collection

Get the first look at our new ColorWorks™ collection that will be launching soon! This library includes samples of all of our previous ColorWorks  collections plus our newest set of designs that have not been released yet.

ColorWorks Spring Collection Vol. 4


Thirteen new ColorWorks™ prints have been added to our Spring 2022 collection! 

ColorWorks™ allows you to simply choose a pattern, colorway and base fabric and we print your custom fabric for you. 

Marble Quarry

RM COCO is pleased to introduce Marble Quarry. This design combines three design motifs into one seamless pattern. Our Design Studio has used the classic elements from chevron, marble, and moiré patterns to create this fresh new take on traditional and transitional pattern motifs. Printed on 100% linen to add an air of sophistication, Marble Quarry is shown in five timely colorations and is sure to be a popular favorite in our ColorWorks® brand of digital prints.  


RM COCO’s Roundabout digital print is a series of interlocking circles and quatrefoil elements that have been masterfully combined to create this eye-catching design. A textured leafy garland adds elegance to the pattern, while a transitional-styled herringbone creates textural interest in the background. Printed on a slubbed cotton base fabric, Roundabout is available in nine distinct color combinations.

Double Dutch Damask

Inspired by the highly stylized decorative motifs of early Pennsylvania Dutch art, RM COCO is pleased to introduce Double Dutch Damask and Double Dutch Damask Reversal. Featuring a floral damask motif, this design is all about the simplicity of style to focus on nature’s beauty. We print both designs on 100% organic cotton sateen, and each pattern is shown as a trend-worthy “reversal” print. Double Dutch Damask features a colored motif on a white or colored ground, while Double Dutch Damask Reversal is the exact reversal of the colors of Double Dutch Damask. We offer both designs in a color avalanche featuring fifteen colors in both patterns.

Double Dutch Stripe

These classic ticking stripes are the perfect companion fabrics for Double Dutch Damask and Double Dutch Damask Reversal. Double Dutch Stripe and Double Dutch Stripe Reversal are classic ticking stripe designs that not only pair well with the theme setting damask patterns in this grouping but are perfect companions for so many other design projects. Simple, clean, and timeless! 

Spot On

Spot On and Spot On Reversal complete RM COCO’s Double Dutch collection. These classic polka-dot patterns add a touch of whimsy to the collection. Available in coordinating colors to match Double Dutch Damask and Double Dutch Stripe and their reversal patterns. Look for this classic pattern to be a popular coordinate in so many design solutions.

Double Dutch Damask Reversal

Double Dutch Stripe Reversal

Spot On Reversal

Cool Cat

There is a little bit of a wild beast in everyone! RM COCO temps our customers to take a walk on the wild side when using our latest digital print appropriately named Cool Cat. Our paisley-adorned feline is on the prowl and will add a touch of whimsy and dramatic flair to any room setting. Perfect for both the young and young at heart!  Printed on 100% organic cotton sateen and shown in nine color-saturated colorways. We see a wonderful array of bedding ensembles being created with Cool Cat and its coordinating patterns!

Cool Cat Check

Cool Cat Check is a perfect coordinate pattern for RM COCO’s Cool Cat.  This classic windowpane check is printed to emulate the look of a woven check. While most colorways are exact matches to Cool Cat, Color Pewter does triple duty coordinating with colors White Leopard, Pewter, and Midnight in the Cool Cat pattern.

Cool Cat Trellis

Our Design Studio created Cool Cat Trellis as a second companion for our pattern Cool Cat. Inspired by a vintage shirting pattern Cool Cat Trellis combines stylized geometric and floral motifs in a most charming way. This pattern is printed on 100% organic cotton sateen and available in nine color combinations.

Wildflower Multi

Floral patterns never go out of style, and RM COCO is pleased to introduce our latest transitional florals appropriately named Wildflower Multi and Wildflower Mono. Spring’s loveliest blossoms have been gathered from the cutting garden to create this whimsical tossed display. Both patterns are printed on 100% organic cotton sateen. Wildflower Multi features nine multi-colored palettes from which to choose, while Wildflower Mono offers seven monochromatic takes on this beautiful floral design.  

Wildflower Mono

Winner’s Circle III & IV


Winner’s Circle III and IV are collections of best-selling textures and patterns featuring Crypton performance finishing. Performance technology is engineered into every fiber, so soils bead up, stains clean easily and odors don’t cling. Best of all, every stain can easily be cleaned with soap and water!

Winner's Circle III

Barrymore Crypton

6 Colorways

Cagney Crypton

2 Colorways

Moreno Crypton

3 Colorways

Bergman Crypton

3 Colorways

Gossett Crypton

4 Colorways

Pickford Crypton

4 Colorways

Bogart Crypton

13 Colorways 

Hepburn Crypton

8 Colorways

Poitier Crypton

7 Colorways

Brando Crypton

2 Colorways

Keaton Crypton 

4 Colorways

Tandy Crypton

2 Colorways

Winner's Circle IV

Armstrong Crypton

4 Colorways

Como Crypton

3 Colorways

Garland Crypton

3 Colorways

Sondheim Crypton

7 Colorways

Bacharach Crypton

6 Colorways

Ellington Crypton

7 Colorways

Mancini Crypton

6 Colorways

Streisand Crypton

5 Colorways

Basie Crypton

7 Colorways

Feliciano Crypton

4 Colorways

McCartney Crypton

1 Colorway

Warwick Crypton

4 Colorways

Bennett Crypton

4 Colorways

Fitzgerald Crypton

4 Colorways

Ramone Crypton

1 Colorway

Mccartney Crypton – Denim
Hepburn Crypton – Thunder
Eastwick Swivel Chair & 1/2

Metropolitan Furnishings

Our Metropolitan collection offers a vast assortment of upholstered furniture frames to choose from. In addition, there are accent tables, folding screens, bed frames and mirrors to compliment any room setting. Finish the pieces off with your choice of rich wood finishes, nailhead trimmings or a trimming of your choice. The collection offers traditional, transitional and contemporary styling.


When placing an order from the RM COCO Metropolitan Collection, receive 20% off your fabric cost when using RM COCO fabric!

Oxford Faux-Linen Texture


Oxford is a handsome multi-purpose faux-linen texture that is perfect for drapery, bedding, and upholstery use. Woven from durable polyester, it passes 100,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs. Offered in seventeen timeless colorations, look for Oxford to graduate summa cum laude with customers!  


Terra Cotta

Faded Denim

Pickled Pine


Crème Fraiche 


Sea Glass

White Smoke

French Vanilla









Custom Upholstered Furniture

Our Metropolitan collection includes a vast assortment of upholstered furniture frames from which to choose. In addition, there are accent tables, folding screens, bed frames and mirrors to compliment any room setting. Finish the pieces off with your choice of rich wood finishes, nailhead trimmings or a trimming of you choice. The collection offers traditional, transitional and contemporary styling. 

When placing an order from the RM COCO Metropolitan Collection, receive 20% off your fabric cost when using RM COCO fabrics!

Oxford – Sky
Stanton Chair

Fortitude Performance Vinyl


Outdoor Rated Faux-Leather Vinyl

RM COCO is pleased to introduce Fortitude Performance Vinyl – the new look and feel of vinyl. This product is not your typical vinyl, it has a the soft feel of leather while demonstrating incredible durability and strength. It is environmentally-friendly. This vinyl is FR additive-free, REACH compliant, phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, heavy metal and lead-free, Prop 65 compliant, and over 99% of the solvents used to produce the product are recaptured and recycled. Fortitude Performance Vinyl is suitable for residential, hospitality, healthcare, educational, marine, and recreational vehicle usage.

Advanced technology keeps Fortitude’s darkest colors up to 10% cooler in direct sunlight as compared to traditional PVC fabrics.