Room With A View


A new collection of wide-width sheers and casement fabrics from RM COCO.

Room With A View

Light. It defines the world we live in and the spaces we inhabit. From the cool, blue glow of a winter’s morn, to the amber rays of the setting summer sun, light sets the stage for each moment of our lives. As designers, our job is control light. To create darkness, to create radiance, to create shadow, to create pattern and intrigue, to make our client’s living spaces comfortable, interesting, and beautiful.


Enter sheers and casements. These eclectic fabrics are one of a designer’s best tools for manipulating light, as they are specifically designed to offer varying degrees of transparency. They can soften and diffuse intense light and provide subtle spatial divisions, while persevering lines of sight to neighboring rooms or, in the case of exterior windows, the outdoors.


ROOM WITH A VIEW, our new wide-width sheer and casement collection, is must-have for any interior designer with a penchant for creating distinctive spaces. This collection includes 21 unique fabrics in a variety of weaves, fibers, and styles, providing a wealth of design options for spaces large and small. Being wide-width, these casements can be used to create seamless window treatments, and have another advantage, as well.  When wide-width casements are rotated for a seamless application, this actually removes the weight from the fill yarns, making the drapery much less likely to grow or stretch over time. Beautiful and practical!

Barely There
Hourglass Stripe
Room With A View
Gauze Stripe
Painterly Stripe




Euro Hems

A Euro hem is a beaded weight tape sewn into the bottom of sheer fabric as a hem.  Euro hems add weight to the bottom of the sheer preventing flaring and excess movement in breezy environments.  Euro hems also help train the folds of the panel so that it operates or functions better. Euro hems not only add a contemporary look to sheer panels, and they can solve workroom issues when sewing open-weave, mesh, and gauze fabrics.  Euro hem fabrics help lower the labor cost of many drapery treatments because the bottom hem is already in place.


Several of the patterns in our Room With A View collection have Euro hems. View them all here.